Winter Camping with 18RBE

Have any of you done winter camping with an 18RBE? What has been your experience?

Mine has been pretty favorable based on one exciting trip. We picked up our camper a couple of weeks ago in Rochester NY and took it for a couple of nights. We had full fresh water. The weather turned freezing while we towed the next day. Several owners of other GD trailers told me I’d be OK as long as I turned on the furnace and water heater. So I did. It was in the 20s and the camper was getting a good windchill at 60 mph… Nothing froze while we were underway or overnight while we slept inside. We used the camper for two days with the gas furnance and water heater running with the onboard water tank supplying water. No freezing pipes. Over a week of temps in the lower 30s and 40s, kept the furnace and water heaters running. When I went to refill the tanks, I’d burned 4 gallons of propane.

I camped in my XLS 19RLE in the fall with temps as low as 28 no issues. One night in the 30s ran the heater for an hour before bed and it held the temperature fairly well comfortable all night

In our units the fresh water tank is inside so as long as you keep the interior temp above freezing you should be fine l. Also the underbelly is heated to prevent black and grey tanks from freezing.