Winnebago CIO Jeff Kuback on IT in the RV industry

Winnebago is one of the most recognized brands in the RV industry. Sixty years ago, the company was launched in Northern Iowa, and for the majority of our history, we have primarily been a motorhome business. When our new CEO Mike Happe came in a few years ago, he put together a new leadership team, and he started to change the purpose and the vision of the company. This marked the beginning of a transformation that saw our model go from primarily being an RV company to one that is mainly focused on helping our customers explore the outdoor lifestyle. Making this change allows us to look at elements outside of the normal RV industry.

Several months ago, we purchased Chris-Craft, a huge brand name in the boating industry that has been building boats for nearly 150 years. Furthermore, in November 2016, we purchased Grand Design RV, which is arguably the fastest growing RV company ever. When you combine the recognizable brands of Winnebago, Chris-Craft, and Grand Design, you can see how we are bringing our new purpose and vision to life.

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Nation’s take:

This is a fairly high level interview but does give some insight to what Winnebago is thinking for their subsidiaries in Christ-Craft and Grand Design. I think most people want to see if the CIO can develop a team to design their own Internet of Things (IOT) accessories and systems across their three product. Airsteram has started down this line in 2018 so there manufactures can not be far behind.

Some hot topics include: 5G cellular hotspots, wiring RV’s ethernet, smart TV’s, 360 degree camera systems with recording, custom lithium battery packs, controls from smart phones/tables etc. We will see what the next few years will bring in technology.

I get this interview was about Winnebago computer systems but did’t really talk about how that are going to bring technology into the trailer.

Kind of want to hear what they are thinking.