Will This Camera Work?

I would like feedback, please. I’ve about decided to purchase the Haloview MC7108 for my 2021 Transcend that’s 37.5’ long. I have 2 questions:

  1. Because I’ve read that some have had a problem with getting a good signal due to the length of their RV, do you think the length of my RV would be a problem?
  2. Will I need to drill holes (eeek) in my BRAND NEW RV for this Haloview camera that’s supposed to be compatible with the Furrion prep?
    Thank you for any help!

I installed the halo view on my 351m. It is compatible with the furion mount and I haven’t had a problem with losing reception, a matter of fact with my 5th wheel parked I can drive away and get signal for about 200 yards. The only issue is that night vision is disrupted but the glow of the marker light directly under it.