What would you ask Grand Design to change?

If you could ask GD to change anything in your trailer, what would you ask them to change?

I for one would like them to remove the antenna and coax and have ethernet run to each TV location.

What do you have?

Dimmable lights, LED’s are fantastic but bright!

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:+1: Ethernet to the roof & ethernet to each TV. I don’t care about antennas and the cable tv that never works at RV parks anyway.

I also vote for a chase from the roof to the basement. Just put a piece of PVC in a wall so we can snake wires around for accessories, solar etc!

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Bathtubs (for young kids)

You just need older kids :rofl:

I always want the same thing so don’t hate me – built-in lithium ion batteries!

Solid steps, what is with folding steps anymore?

I plan to buy a 2970 RL and I always wished that it came with slam latches on the storage doors.

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I agree I wish they did as well. On the plus side it is cheeper to replace the locks vs slam latch prices.

I would like to see more USB ports and not just USB-A but USB-C as well! More and more iGagets use USB-C.

We’ve had our new 394 Momentum for about 3 months now. There are three items that have left me disappointed. One, the couches should have been real leather, not vinyl. I already have a tear in one of mine…if it would have been leather, it would have been fine. Two, the cabinets should have been deeper, I’d say at least as deep as the microwave is deep. They would have looked perfect and couldn’t have cost more than a couple hundred dollars more for the whole trailer. Three, maybe the most serious. The leaf springs are a whole 1.5" wide. Sure, there are six of them, but that is 6 for up to 20,000 lbs. For both strength and long-term durability, they should have been at least 2.0 - 2.5" wide. Just look at the size of the springs on our trucks…they aren’t cheap, nor weak. I’m afraid the suspension may be the weakest link in our trailers. I’d recommend that everyone keep an eye open on this.

I’ve owned three previous trailers…all bought new. Of course, every one has strengths and weaknesses. My 394 is surely the classiest trailer I can imagine owning. With consideration to what I paid for this trailer, I’m disheartened to find what I believe are shortcuts that were made that reduce the cost of the trailer so little, but that has a profound impact on quality and function.

I’m off my soapbox. I’ll certainly push these issues out of my mind and go enjoy my purchase.


Yes, dimmable lights!!

I would ask them not to put the awning the entire length of the trailer . It goes over the slide and the slide rubs on it. It would be better to have 2 awnings. One on the slide and one on the main body of the trailer. Being told by GD to put a pool noodle on the slide to protect the awning isn’t such a great answer.