What went wrong with your Grand Design trailer?

I am just wondering what other folks have experienced as things that went wrong with their trailers? Anything that is a common failure across the fleet?

The only major issue I had was the water line to my sink was not attached properly. Under street pressure I developed a leak. I had a similar issue with the toilet.

I has some minor trim pieces fall down, the dealer just stapled them again.

There was that time when both my opposing slides completely detached from the wall of my trailer. :rofl:

The board panel in our closet separated from the shelving on one side. The most obvious way to repair would have required pulling the front off of the trailer. Not wanting to do this because of all the potential other problems this could create down the road, we decided to create little blocks of wood that we put screws in and pulled the panel back into place. We then added screws at a 45 degree angle to lock the panel so it wouldn’t pull out again.

The panel below the cabinets above the sofa has also started to fall down. We still haven’t decided how best to secure it again as the staples will just pull out again.
The Furrion oven had problems keeping temperature. Once it for up to , and the flames cut down, it would never start then up again so the temperature would just keep dropoing. Tried the pizza stone trick and everything. I had about given up on being able to use it when ran into someone at a campground with the same problem. Furriin had agreed to replace it. I called Furrion and talked to a tech since it was still under warranty. They agreed to replace it. It looks like there was an issue with a part of the pilot during the time period our RV was built. New oven is working much better.

Thank You! Our oven won’t work on 350