What vent covers do you use?

I have a new Imagine XLS we got in the fall but we need a rain cover for the vents. What I am trying to figure out is how to prevent mold from growing on the inside of cheep vent covers. One brand seems to have a quick release cover to allow you to easily clean it.

The other option is I can remove the vent cover completely and replace it with a fan. How hard is this to do?

I could use any advice here!

Normally I like to pull my entire vent out and swap it for MAXXFAN Deluxe. It is a easy job here is a video on how to do it –

If you don’t want to replace the entire unit, I highly recommend the Maxxair MAXXAIR II cover. The reason I suggest these over the cheeper covers is these are completely removable without unscrewing anything. Most vent covers you end up screwing down though the roof and then you dicor around them. With the Maxxair II, you just pull two pins and the cover lays over. You will want to remove the vent cover to clean it from time to time, they almost all build up some mold and dirt.

Here is a video on that install –

With either vent I would highly recommend that you get the smoke option. I did the white one once and it was MUCH darker inside my camper after the install!


Our dealer installed the MaxxFan Deluxe on all our vents. Hell it I am too short to even reach!

I am a big fan of these Camco Aero-Flo’s

Thanks everyone, I am going with the MaxxFan deluxe like this. I have installed vents before but normally they are manual. I guess the wiring will already be in the vent location so this should be a simple swap.

Just adding here that I have installed both the smoke and white MaxxFan’s before. I guess I thought the smoke would filter too much light. Let me assure you that it is completely the opposite, smoke is tinted like our skylights but white is almost dark. I said if I ever did it again, I would for sure use smoke all around!