What heat do you use, furnace, fireplace heat pump?

Gotten a couple of cold blasts, just wondering what do guys use for heating. I am hesitant to use the furnace all the time because of the moisture buildup. I also don’t want to run the fireplace as I am on metered power this time of year. Any thoughts on the most economical?

This all depends, being that you are on metered power I would be using the LP furnace as much as possible. We tend the turn on the fan to circulate the air better across the rig, even with the furnace on. It is going to be less expensive and a great backup to electric heat. Just crack a vent in the morning to let some of the humidity out.

Most people that need it seem to rent a larger LP tank from the local supplier. Go get you something like this a 100lb Propane tank and hook it up in place of the 20lb tank.

Someone did a calculation on Reddit r/GoRVing on the cost of Propane in Btu’s vs electric in Btu’s and I believe propane was far cheeper.

LP is the way to go with the furnace. I do crack the roof vent once and a while but I don’t get moisture problems like most people seem to.