Weight Distribution Hitch, which one is the best?

I just purchased a new Transcend at 6685lbs. We have a 2015 F-150, the dealer said before we pickup we need a WDH. What is the best one to get, so many choices it is confusion. I would like some true recommendations from the community.

There are three basic levels of hitches on the market today. You have the Hensley Arrow and ProPride 3P. As I understand it a engineer Hensley left and slightly improved the design but overall they have similar setup. Get ready for sticker shock!



If you want to check out what they are like on a Grand Design Reflection, check out this video from Keep Your Daydream with the Hensley.


These are hitches that have superlier sway control along with weight distribution but the cost is less than half of the Hensley or ProPride. The most popular are the Equal-i-zer hitch, Husky Center Line, and Blue Ox SwayPro.




The we have the budget line, these are the most frequent ones that are sold by dealers. I highly recommend that you stay away from them. They are noisy, require a additional sway control friction bar and normally can’t be used while backing into a site. This is very inconvenient in practice. Here are the Reese Trunnion, Eaz-Lift Elite, and Curt Round Bar.




My personal favorite is the Blue Ox Sway Pro, it has been the WDH hitch I have been using for the past few years. Check out this video by Wandering Weekends where they hook up to their GD Imagine. The one thing from the video that I would comment on is from Blue Ox customer service they highly recommend you use a socket rather then the included bar. For one the bar that is included can cause your hands to get pinched by the LP tank.

Next Generation:

This is a totally unique design, the Andersen No Sway. I have never used this hitch so I can’t comment on the quality. It is very unique in style. Some say the bushing (red part) on the first generation would wear out fairly fast but the replacement bushings are much better. It has good reviews, some people love it a few reports it does not work as well on high tongue weight trailers. I think there is not a enough evidence from real users yet to make a fully recommendation. I will say that I would be very tempted to try the hitch this year.

What makes it unique is the hookup and anti-sway is a totally unique design. The ball fits into a neoprene sleeve that provides the sway control. The hookup is aided by a socket wrench or drill that allow you to loosen the chains. To remove, simply pull the pin under the ball and the triangle plate the chains are attached to will drop.



Wow well done @TheSpareTir3 very thorough!

I will add that I have the Blue Ox SwayPro as well. It has had fantastic reviews for a number of years. My biggest gripe, as it shows in the video are the latches are a terrible design. Rather then have a right and left side Blue Ox just makes the same latch for both sides. So if you look closely, one side rotates forward and the other rotates backwards. That is fine if you don’t have anything overhanging the tongue, such as the LP tanks. When we unhitch, my wife does one side and I do the other. She seems to always be stuck on the passenger side which rotates forward and she has bruised a few knuckles when the latch lets go.

The second concert we had was you rotate and latch and it just snaps at some point when taking it off. If you get a 3/4" socket, this makes all the world of difference. As you take the hitch off because the socket can free rotate it won’t pull the handle around.

We got a cheep wrench from Harbor Freight and a pair of these to replace the latches. The Lippert Straptek’s are so much easier to take the springbars on and of. The straps are very high quality and strong. We have been towing for a about a year with them on our Imagine.


Like to see Blue Ox redesign the latches for sure!

Nice job @TheSpareTir3. This is one of the best reviews of weight distribution hitches I have seen.

I have purchased the Blue Ox, it seems to be generally the decent WDH. It is recommend all over the place, quiet and I can backup with it. I also like that I can purchase new bars for it in the future, should I get a heavier trailer.