Weight distribution hitch for Imagine XLS 22RBE

We are looking at options to purchase a new travel trailer the Imagine XLS 22RBE. We are going to be towing this with our 2017 Chevy Colorado which has 7,700 lbs towing capacity. The trailer is only 4997 lbs but the sales women is telling me that we need a weight distribution hitch. I think she is wrong and that we have sufficient capacity before we need the hitch. Regardless I have been looking into brands what is the option on Reese sway control vs Blue Ox or Curt?

Thank you in advance for your help!

You always should use a WDH when towing regardless of what the truck can pull. It is foolish to think otherwise. For one it helps shift the weight to the front tires which in turn will help plant the front of the truck better. This is especially helpful on road in wet slippery conditions. Not to mention without the hitch for your Imagine you will find that the front tires will start cupping. The sway control is necessary and will help you more then the hitch alone.

I am a Blue Ox fan personally. Reese hitches always seemed inferior to me. Don’t skimp on a good hitch, it is not worth it.

@Sharon26 we use a Blue Ox though we don’t like the way it chains rotate on the tongue. To fix that we got a pair of the Lippert Straptek which makes all the difference in the world!

We are still shopping but one dealer recommended to us the Equal-i-zer brand. They said the hitches are very easy to hookup, no chains and quiet. From the pictures it looks more advanced with the bars then the chains :grin:

It looks like the Hensley and ProPride are the uber high end. I just can’t justify spending that much but anyone convince me otherwise?

I use a Blue Ox WD hitch with sway control to tow my XLS 19RLE 4475lbs. Semis pass me at 70 miles per hour with no sway. Rock solid

Hi Sharon,
I just took my first trip with our 2021 Imagine XLS 22rbe. I have a 2018 Ford f150 with the 3.5L v6 twin turbo engine. We also have the max tow package. We went with the Blue Ox Pro 1000 weight distribution hitch and it was perfect during our first trip. You always feel some sway in wind but it was manageable. We’re very pleased with this system and the truck is awesome! Good luck!

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