Water heater thermostat?

my 2019 Imagine 2800 bh is just giving me luke warm water. Can I turn up the heat?

A common cause is that in the Nautilus bay on the top is the outside shower. There is a hot and cold knob. You probably have them both open. Make sure they are both closed and i would bet it solves your problem.

It’s easy to miss because if the hose is not plugged in no water will flow.

Make sure you have 110 going to the heating element. Also make sure your propane is on and the switch in the water heater compartment is in the ON position. If someone turned on the electric element with no water in the tank it would burn out.

I had a similar situation in a 2500rl I picked up new. Turns out it had not been properly de-winterized and the water heater bypass was only half correct. There are two valves there and both need to be adjusted.