Water heater question

In our 2018 Imagine 2850MK when we are using the electric part of our water heater we hear a clicking. I can’t explain it more then it makes a noise like it is turning on and off but it sometimes happens pretty fast. The LP is not turned on so it is not that. I don’t know this for sure but it almost seems like the hot water is getting too hot, like steaming out of the bathroom sink.

We have had the control board replaced once under warranty after something happened and a flame melted the fuse in the clear plastic hose next to the control board. Do you think that the flame damaged something else?

It sounds like the relay for the thermostat. I would let the unit cook and unplug and reset everything both shore and battery power. Then try again, sometimes that seems to fix it.

I have had this happen to be last year as well.

I have not heard clicking but I can heard a wine noise that is the element heating up when it is on electric. Clicking would definitely be a thermostat controlling a relay.

The Atwoods on our GD trailers use this style:

You simply remove the black covering, pull the wires and twist the thermostat out and twist it back in, reconnect the wires.

Before you do this check to see how hot the water is getting. Typically if the thermostat is failing the water will get scalding.