Washington, DC Camping

Created three topics, going to Washington DC, Philadelphia and then New York City over the summer. Looking for options for camping with transportation to get into the city’s.

@pushing_tin I have you covered for your last three posts :grin:

So for Washington, D.C. the closest and one of my favorite parks on the East Coast is Cherry Hill Park

Ok so its a fabulous park run very professionally. They will help you with questions about getting to D.C. and tours. One of the coolest parts is they have a legit, staffed bus stop that can take you to the Metro from inside the park. Plus the run their own Cherry Hill Park Day Tour during the summer. On the map it looks close to the highway but honestly you really can’t tell it is there. We have stayed a bunch of times, while a high power line cuts though the middle of the park, you wouldn’t know it other then driving under it. The pool, water fountains and mini golf are great for kids. They have a fairly nice playground and the sites are well kept. Down the street is a ok grocery store, it is nothing upscale but it will do the trick for basic supplies. By that grocery store is a street with tons of restaurants if you want to eat out, you in a college town so many things are open late.

As far as getting to D.C., we normally just drive over to the closest Metro station for flexibility purposes, its is really close and ample parking.

Greenbelt Metro Station from Cherry Hill Park

This place actually looks great, seriously the park is really cool with a RV or not. Seems like a great place to stay in the DC area.

In case anyone is looking, I happened to notice the 2019 Grand Design RV Owners rally, October 17th through October 21st is going to be at this park. I feel like that is a vote of confidence on the park.

Two birds, one stone!