Warranty Issues with Grand Design, Customer Service?

We have been eyeing a upgrade from our Keystone Passport to a Grand Design Transcend 26RLS.

We did have issues with the Passport and it was kind of a nightmare to deal with the dealer and Keystone to get it fixed. What kind of issues should I expect, I know all trailers are kind of a crap shoot so I am prepared for issues.

How is it working with the factory to deal with warranty issues?

GD has come into the market as a leader in customer service. The first part is they do their own PDI at the factory. This is not the normal quick look and send it off, it’s detailed and designed to catch a majority of issues before the unit is shipped.

If you have not purchased a new trailer before you will find most other manufactures ship whatever seems to come out of the factory. In most cases the dealer does the PDI and attempts to fix issues on site. The GD way is much better.

The evidence has been that customers have been treated very well after the purchase. Even issues out of warranty have been fixed. I hear that people attending rally’s can get help with factory techs to fix issues. The stories go on and on.

Ya sometimes someone will have something negative. I am sure someone will have a issue that fell through the cracks. Most of the evidence from owners is long term you are part of the family.

I had a ton of little issues, the only one I did’t forgive the factory for was my kitchen sink has a loose connection to one of the supply lines that leaked out the first night. It could have been that it was not tested under pressure long enough IDK.

I will say my trailer is going back to the factory in the fall of 2019 to have both sidewalls replaced. Don’t get me started on that story, I would still buy another new GD product!