Upgrading to a 5er from a bumper pull?

Hello everyone, My DW is interested in a 5er. We currently are on our second TT and would like just a bit more room. Our current 1/2 ton won’t be enough so I am looking for recommendations on the truck as well. Is Gas or Diesel better and does a dually make any difference?

We were thinking of a Reflection because it would be the next step from what we currently have. Any reason to look at the Solitude?


We don’t own a 5th wheel but have switched from a Motorhome to a Travel Trailer. Our thought was that when we had work done on our old rigs, it could become a issue when it had to be in the shop for a bit. You have to live in the repair shop lot or stay in a hotel if it was really bad.

Then we had one time where we dragged our car over what appeared to be the transmission from another car that must have dropped from a wrecker or supply truck. That time we lost our car and only had the motorhome. So we thought a trailer would be better then going with another motorhome and so far it has been fantastic! It really is not much more work then hooking up the car to the motorhome.

We did’t go with the 5th wheel because at the size of rig that we could afford when you add the steps to the front it seems that you break up the space so much that it feels smaller. The longer 5th wheels with the added celling height are fantastic however.

Let us know how you make out!


We upgraded from a 36 ft TT to a 36 ft Reflection 5th wheel 311BHS. The fiver seems sooo much bigger in part due to higher ceilings. Love the separate bunkhouse and half bath. We pull with a Silverado HD diesel and love it. Hardly even noticed the TT, but the 50% increase in weight with the fiver is quite noticeable. Chucking was pretty extreme until we got a MorRyde king pin replacement. Just got back from our second trip to the mountains. Wouldn’t dream of doing it without a 2500 diesel pickup.