Type of RV antifreeze make a difference?

So with the deep freeze going on right now, I was wondering what version of antifreeze you guys are using. I heard the cheep stuff from Walmart will freeze at really cold tempatures?

What do you guys think?

I don’t think they are different, one just costs more!

I know this is old but thought, I would reply anyway for someone searching!

There are differences, there are two different types propylene glycol or ethanol based antifreeze. Both products work by raising the freezing point of water but the differences are in how ethanol based antifreeze can wear out rubber seals. These can be rubber O’rings etc that are in your system, think your toilet for example. Some people who drink the water also complain of the taste from ethanol.

For these reasons and more I stick with propylene glycol. It is a better product overall.