Truck size to pull Imagine 2970

We are planning to purchase a 2970. We are having a difficult time deciding what size truck to purchase to tow the trailer. Does anyone pull with a 1/2 ton or do we need a 3/4 ton truck for safety etc. reasons? Does the Ford 150 eco boost engine make a difference in towing capability?

I’m not an expert on the capacities of the F150, but I have a 3170 BH which looks to be 600 lbs less than the 2970.

I pull with a 3/4 ton diesel F250 and wouldn’t want anything less for my trailer. It’s a load, and a huge surface area for wind to catch. The hitch weight is way above 790ish pounds once loaded, which might be a problem for the payload capacity.

I’d do your research–there are plenty of people with way more experience towing on here and other forums. I really wanted to stick with a 1/2 ton truck for my trailer, but was convinced that 3/4 ton was a better choice, and have not regretted it.

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I have Imagine 2950 that I pull with a GMC Sierra half-ton truck. I absolutely have no issues at all with braking etc. The GMC in the gas engine has a engine breaking function when in tow mode which is kind of like a poor mans Jake brake. I never tow with water, or my tanks full.

Just make sure you get a high quality WDH, I use the BlueOx like many but some others are also good.

@jabhoyt what specific truck are you considering? It has been my experience that it has been hard to find a F-150 with max towing which I believes includes the EcoBoost without ordering the truck. If you are looking for something on the lot just be careful but 1/2 ton should be more then enough truck.

All the half ton trucks got derated a few years ago when they decided to all agree to adopt the same towing capacity standards. Just be smart and leave yourself a good 20% margin.

Thanks for comments. I was considering a Ram 1500 but once we used their computer program for actual ability to pull the 2970 is showed that we would be overweight. The only truck that claims it can pull 12700 lbs. in the Ford ecoboost F150. It is obviously about breaking, and the issue of the 34ft. large trailer. We have never pulled a travel trailer and we don’t want to purchase the wrong truck due to some salesman. My issue is whether the 3/4 ton truck provides confidence etc. versus pulling with a 1/2 ton truck. The grand design dealers will say everyone pulls with a 1/2 ton, but i have not found that to be the case. What is difficult is no calculations by dealers include an additional sway etc hitch, all calculations go off the hitch of truck. So, we are left not really knowing what will and won’t work. Leaving 20% using the 9000lb weight figure? I think some people calculate the least amount of weight versus the max weight you may pull. Our problem is that we can’t afford a nice 3/4 ton truck, we need to stay under $40,000.00. My husband thinks I will hate the size and ride of the 3/4 ton truck. We are thinking we have no real choice due to the size of this trailer.

We have friends that have been pulling a Imagine 2950RL (the previous version of the 2970RL) for years behind a GMC Sierra 5.8L. They never carry water and always dump the tanks to keep the weight down. I have asked and they have repeated over and over that it stops and maneuvers like a dream behind the half-ton. Now they are on the East Coast of the US so the mountains are not very high. When we talked to them they noted even going down I-77 into North Carolina which is a fairly steep grade that they just coast down with no breaking and going up they can easily pass everyone and increase speed going uphill.

I only have seen one other 2950RL in Delaware and I forgot what manufacture that guy pulled with but it was a half ton as well. I only remember because he parks next to us every year and was one of the first Grand Design trailers I can remember other than us in the area.