Trip Route Ideas


We are fairly new to Rving. We’ve done two trips thus far around 6 days long. I’m a bit intimidated about the whole trip planning process. I use RV Trip Wizard and Campendium. Has anybody passed by or started in AZ? If Yes would love to hear some of the routes that you’ve done. Also for how long you usually travel.

Thank you!


I actually use Good Sam’s trip planner because I can start with a huge trip, like cross country with two points, and add in sites and campgrounds (even those places that are not in the GS database. Then I download it all into my Garmin GPS. I use a variety of online review sights to check campgrounds. I’d say I take at least 8 hours to plan every trip, more for Alaska because we are going across country.

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Thank you! I’ll check out Good Sam trip planner