Traveling with a CPAP, how to

So my SO has a CPAP, I was wondering how do you manage traveling with a CPAP? This is the model that we have and we would rather not get a second unit with a battery.

I am going to assume that a inverter would be a good choice. Do we have any other alternatives that may be easy to install? One option we considered was a secondary battery but then you have to charge that nightly. I am also not sure if that would last long enough.

I think the second battery is hokey and waste of money and time personally. I would consider a inverter that covers the entire RV. Lithium batteries and a good inverter and you would not only benefit for powering the CPAP but you can do so much more in the long run.

Would that be a option?

Can you just get a 12v adapter and plug that into your existing battery?

I assume you mean a DC to AC inverter? You could in theory do this but a lead acid battery probably won’t have the capacity to run it all night long. Especially true if you have heated and humidification enabled. The wires in the wall are going to be too small to run this, so I don’t know of a practical way in a TT or 5er you could do this.

I would stick with @TheSpareTir3 idea a get Lithium batteries or good pair or more of AGM’s along with a decent inverter. Then you can simply plug it into the outlet.

Speaking from someone who has been down this road. Get yourself and Victron Multiplus inverter, a lithium battery or two and a small inverter generator.

The generator for when you are boondocking, this will charge your battery. The battery can be used with the inverter for a night to run the CPAP. The best part is the Victron Multiplus is smart enough to use the power from the generator up to the maximum amps you set it. So at night you can set the max amps really low in so the generator is most efficient and quiet. If you exceed the max amps you set (say 8a), the inverter can supplement from the battery to make up the difference. When the load drops, the inverter will go back to charging the battery.

It’s like having your own Tesla Powerwall in your RV.