🛣 Travel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel - which is better?

It’s time to get the board going. Which is better a travel trailer or a fifth wheel? Feel free to leave you comments below!

  • Its only Travel Trailer life for me!
  • Fifth wheels are the king!

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I like that TT’s are all flat on one level, just feels less broken up.

We had a TT first and then moved to a 5th wheel. I like the separation of the sleeping area from the rest. We also like the way the 5r pulls behind the truck. Much less sway, especially when passing trucks. We did have sway bars in the TT. Hubby is much less stressed when we arrive at our destination with the 5r.

I prefer having my truck bed with a tonneau cover. I can carry camping gear I dont want to load in the camper. At the camp site if a storm comes up I can throw the stuff I dont want to get wet under the cover and not in the storage bay… I also dont like stepping up and down in the middle of the night. With the right tow vehicle and WDH with proper sway control it pulls as good as past fifth wheel. Nothing against the fiver but the trailer lets me be more flexible in my trips.

Started in 2012 with a travel trailer pulled by my F150. In January 2014 upgraded truck to an F350 diesel and got our first fifth wheel. Even with our anti-sway bar the 34’ travel trailer was always like towing a big brick down the road pulling from side to side. No such towing issues with a 40’ fifth wheel plus a fifth wheel is more luxurious. Just traded our first fifth wheel in on a 2020 Grand Design 382 WB-R being built that we pick up in January 2020. Looking forward to new adventures!