Tow vehicle for trailer needs new brakes, best brake pads for towing?

My trucks brakes are starting to squeal. What are the best pads to put on the truck to improve stopping while towing?

I would recommend against ceramic brake pads. Semi metallic pads are the way to go.

I am a huge fan of EBC brake pads and rotors. I almost exclusively buy their stuff. The best for me is the Yellow stuff pads which are especially designed for towing. They feature that makes the pads unique is the pad material does not overheat and cause brake fade when applied for long periods or under heavy load. Just keep in mind that the compound for the Yellow stuff will wear a bit faster than a OEM pad. That is normal but you will feel the difference in braking distance for sure!

If you want to do a upgrade you can move to the Extra Duty Pads:

They are compatible with existing rotors and if the rotors are not warped then I would just replace the pads. When I do rotors I always use the slotted and dimpled rotors. Don’t be confused with these being drilled, the drilled can cause cracking (or so it has been reported). The slots and dimples help prevent gas buildup between the pad and rotor which helps improve braking performance even more.

Big fan of EBC brakes! I have always used the Green Stuff, I guess I should look into Yellow Stuff for towing.

I have been using the Wagner SevereDuty pads for a while now. I am very impressed with them.

And this is what I was doing this weekend…