Toilet problems, HELP NEEDED!

I have a major problem and I need some help. We have a Reflection 320MKS 5th wheel that is stationary for the past 8 months. The site we are on does not have a dump but is pumped out weekly. We always add a ton of water to the tank after each use. The problem is now when we open the tank it smells like death. We have attempted fill the tank 3/4 before the pump out but that has not worked. My wife is literally getting sick each time we flush. I don’t know what is wrong and we don’t know what to do to fix it. Does anyone have any advice for us on how we can get rid of the smell!! Seems this must be suck residue??

:man_facepalming: Man-O-Man your up shits creek :rofl:

It really sounds like at some point either you did’t use enough water. You want to put a bunch of water in the tank before using it after each dump.

Have you used the flusher port? You may need to either have the honey dipper wait while you attempt to flush or bring the trailer to a sewer dump. I would run the flusher filling the tank 3/4 and dumping till you can dislodge the material. Do this over and over.

If you can tow it, I would fill the tank almost full to hydrate the solids. When towing stop short a few times to try to slosh the tank and breakup the packed solids.

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@TURNER, ya I agree with above. The only other thing I have heard of is a burr on some PVC pipe that caused material to get stuck. I don’t think it would cause the problem you are experiencing. It is going to take plenty of water and repeated flushing to get the material out.

You may want to invest in one of these:

One piece of advice with that flusher. Try to have someone with you and have them turn on the water when you are ready. I once had one explore right at the shutoff while in the bathroom. It felt like a eternity with the water blowing out all over the place to get the water off. The shutoff is not very high quality.

Thanks everyone! I ended up filling the tank and dragging the trailer to the dump 24h later. Certainly stuff came out, I filled and dumped it a few more times.

I ordered the wand to use once and a while. The smell is better but not gone away. Will the wand help fix the smell?

Have you heard of the Geo method? I would google that it may help with the smell.

Here is a good explanation of the Geo Method to keep the smells down. I have always like that he explained the science behind it.

The best advice I was ever given was LOTS of water. People not using enough water always seems to be the start of their problems.