To add solar to our trailer or not

The question is not how to add solar, the question is does it make sense? My options are add more batteries or add solar. I have a need for a generator, no way I can completely survive off panels alone.

So does it make financial sense for extra panels, batteries or what? Looking for and advice from the community!

For me it makes sense to add solar power. You can charge the batteries in the rig and run most of your appliances on it overnight. I recently purchased this lightweight folding solar panel from Amazon

I upgraded to a MPPT controller and not use the built-in PWM. I got the Renogy one so they are compatible but I upgraded to 40a so I could add a second suitcase later.

How do you use your trailer? The first things to do is determine how you use your RV. How long do dry camp?

@Sharon26 I am interested in what you find out as well. Been considering solar but torn between that project or battery upgrades.

I would say we are out on the road about four weeks a year. During this time we are on a mixture of overnighting and campgrounds. Most of the time we have full electric hookups.

We do a bunch of weekends at beaches and state parks. This where we though that solar would make a difference. I am limited on roof space so I don’t know if solar will fully get us through the day. This is why I was wondering what makes the most sense. We have to run the AC for the dog and we have a CPAP overnight.