Thousand Trails, Passport America, Good Sam, Escapees, KOA?

I had a free trial of Thousand Trails but what is the deal with all the other clubs. We stay in random parks near popular tourist destinations, normally for just the weekend. Do any of these memberships make any sense at all?

Did anyone get offered a good deals on a TT membership?

The dealer we are looking at our Imagine is offering a free year membership to Thousand Trails. We would take the Northeast zone but none of the campgrounds are that great. A few may be ok but not really that interesting places.

I have not looked into the others but I do see them frequently mentioned. Here is the map for Thousand Trails.

You know there are sites where you can buy used Thousand Trails memberships. This is one popular site you can find resale memberships available.

One of the promo’s my dealership is offering is free year of Thousand Trails. We would roam the Southeast but for us that is basically on Texas. Its too far to get outside of Texas so I don’t know how much it will be worth it to us. Texas is full of state parks which are cheep and plentiful, not sure we will use it.