The Henry Ford – Museum, Greenfield Village & Rouge Factory

So we are new Reflection owners and we are traveling through Detroit. We thought we would stop at The Henry Ford Museum. For anyone who likes American innovation and technology (not specific to Ford) it is a amazing experience and I highly recommend it!

They have everything from trains, planes and automobiles to a working diner, steam engines and generators to tractors and farm equipment. The history is crazy, Edison’s Menlo Park building and soil, Rosa Parks bus, Wright Brothers bicycle shop, JFK’s limo from when he was assassinated, Thomas Edison’s last breath. They have a large village of historic buildings called Greenfield village with a working steam locomotive the can take you around a 2 mile loop. They even have rides in a Model T.

Of the interesting exhibits, they feature early camping trailers and vehicles. I thought the following may be interesting to “The Nation”. Not exactly a modern Grand Design RV but I thought it would be interesting to show were we came from.

I love those old airstreams. It is amazing that they have stood the test of time.