Speakers and Furrion radio replacement

I am not a fan of the Furrion electronics just cheep, not intuitive and seems to always have issues. What size is the radio for replacement and does anyone have suggestions? I also want to replace the speaks with something that does not sound so tinny.

  • What options do I have for a new radio?
  • Standard din size?
  • Wiring plug-and-play?
  • Can suggestions on inside and outside speakers?

I am pretty sure the radio is simply a simple single din radio that can be replaced by a standard car stereo.

@TheAlamo you realise you would loose DVD playback? @ExtraStout are you sure its not double din?

What speakers do you want to replace, the inside or outside? The outside are a special size and are of horrible quality. If you replace the speaker pod with a larger size you will be able to fit a variety of other speakers. The current size is small and hard to fit a normal speaker size into.

I hate the electronics. I too am wanting to change them all out.

I am pretty sure the Furrion entertainment systems are actually double din displays with a single din body. I bring this up because I am not sure what is behind the faceplate and if a new single din replacement would cover the hole.