Solitude slide topper

I am sick of going out on the roof each time we park under trees, especially those dam pine trees. What I am trying to figure out is what people are doing for slide toppers? Should I be concerned about screwing into the sidewalls, structure or possibly causing a leak. The other question I have is does the topper happen to put any stress on the slide? How do the toppers work in wind, can you possibly retract them separate if they start flapping?

Thanks everyone!

The slide toppers simply screw into the sidewall. They normally will use Butyl tape (putty) on the holes to prevent water intrusion. I have seen people put beach balls under the toppers to keep them from flapping, though if installed properly and the tension is good it should be a issue.

They don’t cause me any issue in the wind. I have seen people with beachballs in the slides.


I personally don’t see the reason for a topper. I have in years of traveling never had a problem. Ya some benefit but not worth the expense to me.

This debate continues…

I ordered them with my rig. We like to park under the trees. A camping neighbor had some serious damage when he pulled his slide in with debris on top. Of course you should climb up on the roof and check first.

One down side I noticed is that after a heavy downpour of rain my big slide on the passenger side will form a pocket and collect a lot of water. I was worried that the belly would stretch the fabric and then roll up funny. The fix is to close the slide. Stand back as the water comes down all at once.

Saint James NY