Slide-out Leaks

Have a 2017 2650RK and have water getting into the interior from the slide outs. The camper was closed up for the winter but we recently moved it to the dealer for service, which is when we discovered water puddled in areas and coming out from under the slides. It could be that water is pooling around the seals and on the slide roof but when the trailer is moved, it finds a way in.
I also noticed water running along the slide track and getting into the interior when extended.

Has anyone else experienced water issues with the slide-outs? Of course the dealer says this is not a warranty issue.

@krossi my slide leaks when the trailer is not level from side to side and front to back. Even if it is level side to side it seems to come down in the inside of the slide. With the slide retracted we got some water dripping between the sidewall and the top of the slide.

@krossi I read this a couple of times but I wanted to make sure I understood. You are not saying the slide was extended when stored?

My suggestion is you inspect the seals around the outside of the slide, are any worn? Then can you close the slide, using a garden hose with gentle water flow put water on the seal while closed. Slowly working from front to back and down each side. With someone in the trailer they can use a flashlight and attempt to see if you can narrow down the entry point.