Slide leak after rain

After rain and bringing slides in there is water that drips down inside. This is a brand new rig that we bought in November and this is our 3rd trip this has happened on. Anyone else have same issue.

I have not had the issue on my GD, but on a previous trailer I did on my first night out. Turns out I had not leveled the Trailer side to side, so the rain which fell on the slide was pooling on the seal, and leaking in. Is the trailer level laterally?

Thank you, we will check the leveling next time. I did notice that in the shower there was a bit of water pooling towards the center. Our leak was on the entrance side slide so leveling makes total sense.

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I have had that issue myself all the time. It is the nature of having slides on a trailer, the water will pool and when you pull it in, it gets everywhere. Normally if it has rained overnight, I will raise the tongue a bit to help drain the water as we are cleaning up. When pull a slide in and have a dirty towel ready to mop up any extra moisture that drips down the side of the slide.

Normally if you are level, especially side-to-side the slide roofs should drain properly and you should accumulate much water on them.