Severe storm preparedness tips and tricks?

I primarily camp in the Southeast, we have been getting some horrible storms recently. Just wondering what the Nation has been dong to prepare their rigs for severe weather. I want to make sure we are safe and have warning if we need to get out of the trailer for gusty winds or tornados.

Any advice?

Was in North Georgia at Fort Mountain SP when Sunday’s band of storms came through. So I was up on the Mountain watching the bright reds and purples on the radar roll in.

In terms of the trailer/camp, I brought in the awning and any outside tent/mat stuff, which would have just been a hazard. Not really much else to do as far as the Trailer besides making sure that the electrical outlet has the box lid secured. I mean, if wind stiff enough hits it to flip it, we’re in a tornado, so I don’t do much else to the trailer.

Know where the bath house is and have an emergency bag packed and a plan to get all the kids (if you have them) over there.

I watched the radar all night for cells which were tornadic (alarm woke me up every hour to check), and that’s about it.

Hope that helps!