Seriously considering!

Anyone been to a show and see this new toy hauler in person? I am trying to figure out if can fit to motorcycles side by side in the rear? I know some trailer they don’t have the tie downs for allow for them to be side by side.

Looking for any pictures.

@daveM I am a new user here but we just went to the New York RV show. We did’t see any G Class toy haulers at the show but did look at other manufactures so the size is about the same. You won’t have any issue fitting two motorcycles side by side but the tie downs may be a issue.

I will say we researched manufactures very closely and Grand Design was by far the most recommended. I keep reading stories about how well the treat customer after they have purchased a unit. Sure all manufactures have some bad unit but seems the quality by in far is the highest.

We are about to be #GDRV4Life !!