Satellite TV hookup

We would like to have TV for the times we are not at a campground. We were thinking of hooking up satellite system but being cable subscribers at home we don’t know how the plans and equipment work. Can we use the cable hookup on the outside to feed the TV’s in the trailer? Does the satellite box go on the outside to feed the TV’s? Finally how do you find the signal?

If you have cellular coverage have you considered something easier like streaming TV service? From experience hooking up a satellite system is a PITA. Especially further north and east you go in the US with any tree coverage.

I say stop there! I agree with @CampingElephant you should consider just getting a mobile internet plan from a carrier such as T-Mobile or AT&T. I believe that AT&T still has a hotspot that has unlimited data. I understand that some areas may not have coverage but even more don’t have a clear line of site to the satallies.

I understand the mobile internet thing, we have iPad’s and iPhones and such. How does that give me TV? Are you saying use Netflix?

If you get a live streaming TV service, then you will have the ability to watch TV anywhere you have a Internet connection. Granted in a majority of the US you can find some service the question is what carrier.

Example of the services include YouTube TV, Sling and DirectTV Now. For me YouTube TV is great because as you roam around it will automatically update your local broadcast networks to the local affiliates in the market you are in. The only problem is you have to be back in your home territory once every six months I believe. Plus it includes unlimited DVR so that makes it handy for traveling.

We also have a mixture of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix which both allow us to download and watch programming later.

We use a mixture of Apple TV and Chromecast. Some technical reason I will spare you for now. This just gives you a idea how it can be done.