RV mobile internet options in 2019

I have been looking at options for mobile internet for my RV. I keep reading about people using something like a hotspot but its not one. Does anyone know what options we have, I don’t think we need unlimited service but something enough to surf the web and check email.

What is the deal with cell boosters, are they really necessary?

What carrier is the best nationwide?


We use T-Mobile but have a Grandfathered plan with unlimited hotspot data. I know I get crap about T-Mobile but there service has become amazing in the past couple of years. We do carry a booster in our 5th wheel but don’t always need it.

Google Fi is a cheep alternative as a backup but I don’t know if that works in a hotspot of any kind. I assume it does not. I would suggest taking a look at the website Mobile Internet Resource Center https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/

I don’t think you can use Google Fi but we carry a ATT hotspot and T-Mobile hotspot. Normally we use the T-Mobile one more, we also have T-Mobile plan for the iPad specifically. You can ask it gives unlimited data for just the iPad it’self.

The Mobile Internet Resource Center :+1:

I do the same as @WBLaw. I carry a AT&T SIM card and T-Mobile SIM card along with a Netgear 1121 hotspot like this:

You will need something to take the cell signal and convert it to WiFi, for that I use a Ubiquiti airCube:

What options do we have for unlimited internet while on the road?

Can you just use a hotspot from your phone? How is the wifi in campgrounds?

Typically not that great, if you spend a fair amount of time in campgrounds and you don’t have some type of mobile internet, then many carry a for example Ubiquiti Nanostation

These are basically amplified antennas. You login to the web interface, you can select a remote hotspot and lock the antenna to it. Then they two devices will communicate with each other. The output is ethernet and you would basically treat this device like say a DSL or Cable modem. The ethernet out to say another wireless access point like the one @TheSpareTir3 suggested above. That would broadcast the remote connection inside the trailer.

This has been key in my research. I would highly recommend anyone looking for internet options to check out this resource.