Roof maintenance questions

Pulling our rig out of winter storage next weekend and want to do our first major roof cleaning and sealing. I understand that GD uses TPO roofing, so what is the best cleaner that won’t hurt the material, Murphys? I assume any brand self leveling sealant is going to be ok on the roof?

I was told some good old Murphy’s Oil Soap was the preferred cleaner for the TPO roofs.

Dawn also works, with a soft bristle brush. Using something stiff will damage the top layer of the TPO material. The key is don’t use anything with petroleum distillates or citrus cleaners, simple green anything caustic.

Same here, that is what I use. It has been claimed it oils the surface and helps keep the material elastic. I don’t know that is scientific.

How about washing the roof, I assume Murphy’s Oil won’t clean it?

Dawn has been recommended as a cleaner, its fairly soft on the roof material.

+1 on Murphy’s Oil and a soft brush. Get up on the roof and scrub it down good.