Rockwood Geo Pro vs the Transcend Xplor

I am shopping and I want to purchase in the next month. I am trying to make up my mind between the Rockwood Geo Pro and the Transcend Xplor. I have heard so many good things about how the Grand Design campers are inspected and apparently have phenomenal customers service. My hesitation is the Rockwood Geo Pro seems to be “loaded” with features. Should that sway me?

Here are the major features Forest River has added to the trailer from the factory:

  • 100 watt solar on the roof
  • 1000 watt inverter
  • Heated mattress
  • Water-Pur filtration
  • WiFi Ranger built-in
  • Maxxair vent fan
  • MORryde solid steps

Looking for any advice to sway me one way or another…

I honestly had never heard for a Geo Pro. I will say the solar panel is crap. It is clearly a GoPower flexible panel, they are Chinese garbage panels. You are lucky if you get more than two years at most out of them.

I noticed that the factory clearly screwed them down, then put dicor over the holes. However they literally got the dirco directly on the panels cells. This totally ruined the efficiency of the panel. The thing is, on almost every video or picture I have seen shows the same mistake. It’s just poor installation at the factory.

The Maxxair vent would be nice, great product, MORryde solid steps as well. The WiFi ranger is not important to me. Technology is changing to fast, especially with the cell bands and move to 5G. I assume the inverter is Go Power again Chinese junk.

You can get a better built unit from GD and add quality components and still be in the same price range.

You will be happy to know we are going with the Transcend Xplor — shhhhh don’t tell the dealer we want them to work for it :rofl: