Roadside assistance options

We are looking for roadside assistance options. I know it can come with my insurance package but it is not clear how they handle the trailer and what happens if we need hotel or off the highway on BLM land. Looking for any advice from “The Nation”.

Have you looked into Good Sam roadside? They have a plenty of plans depending on how you want your coverage. We have the Auto & RV Standard one for $79. In our travels other couples have had medical emergencies, especially if they are in remote areas and happened to be air lifted out costs a fortune. We are not talking like breaking a leg, like a heart attack in the middle of Yellow Stone for example. For that reason if you are at any risk you may want to consider the Platinum Complete which has emergency medical assistance.

We are Escapees fans and use their Roadside assistance, I am pretty sure its $100 a year. We found some benefits such as covering all the vehicles (not just the RV) in the household. One of the deciding factors is they tow to the closest authorized service center. If anyone has had a emergency on the road (we have) Grand Design really hates Camping World, so most roadside assistance plans would tow you to the closest RV dealer not authorized dealer.

We also liked that it would cover us if we went off the main roads into say BLM land. Trip insurance is included and access to a technical hotline if something breaks overnight. They can even help us find a mobile mechanic that we once needed over Memorial Day weekend (not a easy task).

Absolutely make sure whoever you get will cover the tow vehicle and trailer. Stories abound that car insurance carriers not prepared for trailers.

Keep in mind most of these plans are backed by the same company. They resell them under different names but it’s the same exact company behind the scene. I think that may be true for FMCA and Escapees plans.

We are FMCA members and use their roadside assistance.