Replacing westlake trailer tires do I need to balance them?

I ordered four tires for my Reflection to replace the stock ones that we got on ours. My local shop said that I should considering balancing my trailer tires if I was worried about a blowout or additional wear on the tires. Is this shop full of crap?

No need to balance your trailer tires. Don’t let the tire place rip you off.

Not exactly true, balancing the tires can help. Not only the wear on the trailer suspension and structure but more importantly it can help prevent wear and lower the temperature and be part of one’s toolkit to prevent a blowout.

One options is tire beads. These have been sold for years in Truck and Motorhome installations. You can install them very easily by breaking the bead and dumping the bag in the tire. The other option is to deflate the tire, unscrew the stem valve and dump the beads in that way. Then you put the new valve in (that won’t get clogged) and you are good to go.

Centramatic Balancers also work well, they bold behind the wheel and do something very similar to the beads.

Add a TPMS to that and you will be golden…

Has anyone seen Tyron Bands?

Here we go…

If this is so good why would’t the wheel manufactures just leave the inside of the wheel flat? Just seems to me if they worked so well and truely prevent accidents that nobody else Has entered the market. I am going with this is bunk.

Tire beads totally different story, love em.

I have read mixed reviewed on tire beads. Do they really work correctly all the time? I just don’t like once you put the beads inside the tire you have no adjustment till you remove the tires.