Replacing the factory dometic AC unit with heat pump

Looking for advice on efficient heat pump units to replace my existing AC’s. The key is the heat pump but if I can gain efficiency that would be best. I assume all units will fit the existing holes? Anything that I need to be aware of when switching to a new unit for my 5th wheel?

Hey @JessMariano78,

I would look at the Coleman Mach line. Almost all AC’s are 14"x14" opening and you will need a new gasket. Normally its just a couple of screws that will hold the outside roof part to the inside. Remove the wires and then unscrew the two parts and you will be able to pull the roof unit off. This just the reverse to get it back on. The bitch of the job is the weight and trying to do it while on the roof.

I think the 2019 Grand Design RV line now all comes with the Coleman Mach. I was in one and the AC is so quiet it is amazing!

I don’t know that it is worth the extra money. The roof top units are fairly loud with the fan on (not to mention the compressor noise). The effiency quality drops off as it gets cooler. I love the idea but the current units are not that great.

I guess I would’t go out of my way for one.