Replacement bed for Imagine XLS

We have the murphy bed in our Imagine XLS. Just wondering has anyone got a normal memory foam bed to fit. I think the bed is a nonstandard size but with my camper in storage for the winter I did’t get time to measure it to confirm.

I would love to replace it with something better. No a topper won’t work for us.


We are about to pull the trigger on a Imagine ourselves. I would be interested in hearing what people are doing.

Literally the very first thing we did the moment I pulled into my driveway was to pull the new mattress with its plastic wrap still on it and dump it outside! We ended up going with this classic brands one from Amazon because of the number of reviews. Little firm but all in all we like it

@TheSpareTir3 is the bed really firm? We like something moderately soft. For our house we have this…

They are literally the best memory foam (including Purple, Casper) that we have ever slept on. The concern is the size, will it fix, and cost. I don’t want to pay BedinaBox money but I will if the Amazon one is cheep quality. :zzz:

We actually have a BedinABox for our sticks and bricks home. :+1:

Its trip in the camper, love it but the Murphy bed is really firm, will be looking for a replacement. We has a bed in a box for our previous motor home. Loved it, will be looking for one that will fit

For TheSpareTir3… I noticed the dimensions of your memory foam or 10 1/2 high. We have the 18 RBE & the bed that came with it is approximately 8 inches high. We were considering getting a memory foam topper- 1 1/2 to 2 inches. Wondering if you had any issues with hitting the shelf above the bed or putting strain on the Murphy bed mechanism with the height of your mattress?

Do these replacements still fold up nicely when you put the bed up? I’m interested in a replacement bed but don’t want to lose the ability to fold up the bed.