Rent your trailer on Campanda, RVshare, Outdoorsy?

We were considering renting out our trailer to help defray some of the cost of the unit. What do you guys think about it renting out your trailer? Looking for anyone who has experience, how did it go? Were you nervous someone else with your “baby”? How does your insurance work, I assume I would need something supplemental. Will Grand Design warranty still apply?

I feel like a trailer is not something that most people have experience with unless they have owned one. I have been in to many campgrounds where you navigate around brush and trees in tight spots. I don’t trust that someone else will take the same care of my rig.

I have been tossing around the idea of a camper van or similar that I would’t mind to dedicate to renting.

I personally don’t have enough downtime to make it worth it to us. It is a attractive thought but I wonder how do people deal with their personal stuff in the trailer? Do you have to supply toilet paper, towels and pots and pans? How do these people know how to hookup and tow the trailer and setup? I assume the owner goes over everything with them…seems like a new RV’er would never remember everything. Think about how long it takes us.

I would love to hear if anyone has done it.

I have a friend that has signed up for a service. I don’t know if any issues but he said he hardley gets someone to rent near a major city.

Don’t count on it for income my friends!