Removing Bunkhouse Couch

Howdy, I would like to remove the Bunkhouse Fold-Down Sofa in my brand new Imagine 3170 BH. I can’t find anything on Youtube for the specifics on removing the bunkhouse sofa. Has anyone done this, and if so is it difficult, with basic tools?

Normally removing the sofa is really easy. I have not done it on a Imagine but it should be pretty easy. I found this picture trying to figure out what type it was. I assume that GD has built a base with drawers and then just laid a jackknife sofa on the top. Most of the time those are just board screwed to the sidewalls of the slide that can be removed.

I know this is not exact but I bet it is something like this

Removing the sofa should be pretty easy as @HoraceandSarah suggested. Hammer, phillips head screwdriver and a pry bar should be all the tools one would need.

Just wondering, what do you plan to put in its place? I ask because some people remove them for desks and all kinds of other interesting ideas.

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:point_up_2: what this guy said…

Thanks @Farva . I am actually planning on removing it to just have empty play space for now (I’ve got a tribe of young’uns) but possibly a desk for the kids (for homeschooling.) I work remotely but rarely do so in the Trailer.