Rear bumper rack

Has anyone put on a rear bumper rack? I would like to put my generator and fuel can on the back. I have seen these bumper adapters like this one. Would this be ok?

Are you aware that the bumpers on the Transcend and Imagine lines are expressly forbidden to have a hitch installed? It is in your warranty card, the bumper is welded on but not weight bearing.

Remember the weight included the load when anything hanging from the bumper bouncing up and down while going down the road.

You know you can add additional brackets to the bumper. This will strengthen it so you can put a mount on it.

I would’t add anything to the bumper without it or someone welding on better brackets.

I want to remind you that for sure you can’t put any weight on a stock bumper. The bumper must me strengthen for sure!

This is what happens when you mount one of those hitched on a bumper that was not properly reinforced.

Check this out: They have a great solution for adding a way to hauling extra gear.