Picking up new camper

Is there any advice for what we should really pay close attention to when we pick up our new Imagine2970 from the dealer?

First do not sign anything till you have spent time in your own rig. GD does a amazing job with the PDI but things will go wrong. Do not let anyone rush you for any reason. Something is very very wrong if your dealer does. I prefer to operate all the systems myself before the dealer goes through their PDI and tour.

They typically rush you, want to go through everything really quickly — slow down.

Make sure you hook the rig up to city water. Run the faucets for a few minutes and verify no leaks. Keep the city water hooked up under pressure while testing everything else.

Look closely for loose trim, any screws especially around windows that are missing. Look at the cabinetry to make sure fit is acceptable, no gaps. Make sure all the drawers around the rig latch. When pushed in they should lock, pull gently with pinky to verify or get adjusted.

Ask them specifically to release a bit of propane near the detector and verify the LP detector is working. Run the gas heater, run the AC. Look under the rig for any loose or sagging coroplast.

Make sure you hitch and unhitch, it the trailer catches unhitching could have a burr inside the tongue. Verify all lights works, pay close attention to the decals and any peeling.

The best advice I can give is it’s going to be pretty good. You will find problems, don’t freak out. We like to soft camp for a couple of nights with all new rigs. That is, use them at home or if your dealer has a spot or local campground. Just a good triple check to soft camp and verify everything actually works they way you want.

Fantastic rig, welcome to the GD family!

I agree with @TheSpareTir3, just don’t be in a rush. Things will go wrong, don’t sweat it, possibly bring some tools (wrench, plyers, screw drivers) with you on your first outing.

We spent the first few nights at home on the lawn just making sure everything was ready. Our first trip was 2 hours away so if it was really bad we could go home. Never had anything major go wrong.

That bad boy has Swinteck slides on the drivers side (kitchen slide). Just pay close attention to the flange on the slide. Look for any screws that may have sheared off, you will see them in the black flange area surrounding the opening of the fiberglass. Look a the sealant and make sure none of that has come loose. A few of those rigs had issues because of the Swinteck mechanism.

I found this PDI checklist a while ago, I forgot who to credit it to.