P rated to LT truck tires

Somehow I pinched the sidewall of my trucks rear tire. I can see the white thread now in the sidewall but not bubbling. I am thinking it is time to for me to replace the tires. I have P rated tires but I was recommended to go with LT tires for towing. What I am worried about is I hear that the ride quality when not towing is not great. Has anyone had any experience between switching to LT and if it caused you any issues?

With the flex of the sidewall, any damage its not reparable or anything I would tow with. A fair amount of stress on those rear tire sidewalls. Even rotating to the front you don’t want a blowout on the steering tires.

I only roll around with LT tires. I remember when I purchased my last WDH that the manufacture on a unrelated issue happened to bring up the fact that the tow vehicle was P rated tires and that they recommended only LT tires.

I went with the Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude HT.

Can you tow in P rated? I checked and that is what I have.

@patrickIShere before you tow with P rated tires, it is my understanding that you need to verify the load on the tire. It could be ok or it may not be. Get the tongue weight with all your stuff in the trailer. Then you would want to see what load that puts on the truck and the tires can handle.