Over-Bed Light Dimming

I’ve logged three weeks now in my new 3170BH and have a remarkably short list of complaints.

Ohe LED “Reading” Lights above the queen bed are shockingly bright for that purpose.It’s way too bright for reading or anything else.

I saw this post which seems to cover the mods for the switchable lights, but I was wondering if anyone was aware of methods to make the contained switch lights dimmable, or more dim, or less like airplane landing lights.

Any input would be appreciated.

I replaced the lights over the bed with these reading lights that are dimmable and by touching can switch to blue light at night. I think @TheSpareTir3 made a 3D printable adapter to the old holes so you can revert if needed later.

Those lights above the bed don’t use the same LED driver and won’t dimm like the puck lights. I would go with a replacement as others have done.

Ya, I have been traveling and MIA on the forum. I do have a 3D print that I should release for the overhead lights. It just covers the existing holes so you can return it to OEM configuration later if need be.