Outdoor gas grill for camper what brand

See the title - looking for recommendations on a portable gas grill. I want it to hookup to the quick disconnnect under my Solitude.

The absolute best gas grill I have ever purchased was from LazyMan. For our RV we carry a A1 TS which looks small but is not. This is not your traditional grill where you have a burner tube and flame, it is based on their unique design. It has two tubes that are covered in lava rock, so once you light the grill the lava rock hold the heat. It is pretty cool, its looks like you are cooking over hot coals from a well built wood fire.

Anyway the grill costs some money but it is truly built or a lifetime which is why we got it. Really thick stainless steel inside and out, heavy top grate. We just put ours on a table and make everything on it. They make hoods but you don’t want one, that is our mistake. When I say this will get hot, I mean it, you don’t want the hood you will burn all your food! I literally have cooked for a party of 20 with the A1. Again the size is deceptive, it cooks so fast you really have to get use to it. If you contact them directly they make custom hosts at the factory.

They were able to make me a long one with the fitting on one end to connect to the quick disconnect and the other to attach to the grill.

I can’t promote this grill enough, seriously underrated. Someone on Reddit suggested it a year or so ago and I only pulled the trigger because they were made in the US (PA I think?) and I happened to see a tour of the factory on the Science Channel.

Now for the only downside, it has lava rock in the grill. That tends to shake in our basement compartment while traveling. We learned the hard way you need to put it inside a box or bag to prevent the dust from getting on the basement floor.

Fun fact: LazyZMan is the company that designed built and holds the original patents on gas grills.

Man $600 is a bit much, I get it Made in the USA and its all stainless steel. Wow expensive, I may be interested if we could get a group buy or something.

This is the second time this week I have seen someone post about LazyMan in a RV discussion forum but I till now have never heard of them.

:point_up_2: We know LazyMan grills down here in Florida very well! I honestly never looked to see if they had something that would fit in the RV. The dealers are all over down here in Florida, you see them in planned communities and parks all the time. One of the reasons is the entire grill is made from 304 Stainless Steel not just the outer coverings like competitors. With the salt air and humidity everything else rusts out fairly fast. especially if you are near the beach. I have a 3 burner grill on a cart at my house and would’t trade it for the world. I have had it since the 1980’s and just keep ordering new parts when stuff wears out.

Ask for Brian the owner, if you call him they will give a discount from time to time.

I guess I may call him to see about this A1 grill. It will be better then any crap I will buy at Camping World. :exploding_head:

We just carry this simple Weber, it has been great for us!

I am a fan of the Solaire Anywhere, well built but has a infrared burner which if you have not cooked on one will sear your meats and lock in the juice. Here is the one I have on amazon. You will need a small table and a quick disconnect LP line to hookup to your rigs onboard disconnect.

@Arch1988 why exactly do you buy a grill that is over $700? It seems insane! Even if it is better, can’t I just buy 3 generic versions?