Ordering 2019 Momentum 376TH

It has been a long time coming but we are about to become most-of-the-timers once we get our new 5th wheel. We have opted to factory order a Momentum 376TH. We need some advice on options:

  • Do we want the Rockford fosgate speaker upgrade? Our sales guy said the stock speakers are horrible.

  • Dual pain windows worth it if we camp in the winter? Seems to be a debate on if they are worth it.

  • Heat pump upgrade worth it? What temp does the heat pump go down to?

  • Full body paint? I love the look of the burnt orange color. Anything I need to do to protect it vs decals?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know about your Momentum specifically but I will say that dual pain windows are heavier and I have heard good and bad. I think if I were in your position I would get them.

I am personally a fan of the heat pump and heat pumps in general. The key to any heat pump is that it can create more heat per watt than a electric resistance heater. Lets say in theory a RV heat pump will create 3,000 watts of heat for only 1,000 watt used. This makes it 3x as efficient as pure electric. The negative will be in very cold temperatures you will need another heat source. However given that LP releases moisture in the rig, I would set the unit to us the heat pump as primary and then very cold switch back to LP furnace.

Grand Design has a very long warranty on decals. I think I read they have some special vinyl that has micro holes that help prevent the shrinking and cracking that other manufactures go though. With that being said I think full body paint will make the unit looks the best for the longest time.

Is the heat pump more efficient with the generator during the spring and fall time? I am one of those people who want everything!