Optimal parallel 12v battery wiring?

I just purchased six new 12v batteries for my camper. What is the optimal way to tie them in together in parallel? I remember reading somewhere that just jumping all the positive & negative terminals together is not optimal. I just can’t remember where I have seen the wiring diagram and I can’t find it again.

@ExtraStout I can help you with that!

I did this last year with some 12v Lithium batteries. Basically the problem is if you had six batteries in parallel. In that string you wired all the positive/negative terminals to each other, then you hook the positive up to one side and the negative to the opposite side of the battery bank you use all the batteries. The problem is the batteries closest to the leads will cycle more frequently than the batteries in the middle of the pack. This leads to shorter lifespan and less optimal performance.

The concept here is we always force the energy though the same number of “hops” across all batteries. Them forces the power to be drawn evenly from all batteries the same amount. Here is a the diagram I made for my bank.

I don’t really understand this, basically I you jumped all the positive and all the negative but split them into two packs. Why can’t you just move the positive to the top of the battery back and the negative to the bottom?