Not using outdoor speakers. Need something in place of speakers

I have an Imagine 2500. I don’t use the outdoor speakers. I’d like to put something useful in place of the hole/mount area after removing them. So far I’m not coming up with an alternative after searching the internet. The speakers don’t have good sound anyway but most of you already know that and I don’t want to upgrade them. Just to put something in its place. Do any of you folks know of or can think of something that fits and is useful in the two holes? Thank you for any and all replies.

A couple of lights maybe? Mine light up with the exterior lights, so maybe more light with stronger LEDs?

I agree that the speakers are awful junk, both inside and out. They have the frequency response of a nearly deaf person. Horrible for music. Just about the only thing they are good for is listening sports off the radio or a bluetoothed device fed thru the radio.

If you remove the speakers you’ve got to cover the holes left behind. I have no idea whether this is just a small repair or a big one… It depends on the holes size. Are we talking about a half inch hole that’s big enough for just speaker wires and a couple of screw holes for the speakers themselves? If so, then you could just fill them with a small amount of a two part epoxy fiberglass repair and gelcoat, an easy DYI repair, and be done.