Noob: general maintance on Reflection 5th wheel

We are not new to RV’ing but recently upgraded from a travel trailer to the Reflection 5th wheel. During the PDI they said a ton of things but really never address true owner maintenance on the rig. What should I be doing on a regular basis?

@Farva it is fairly simple.

  • Inspect the roof, seams and seals, around the vents and any other penetrations of trailer. Use self-leveling Dicor or equivalent to patch up any spots that are missing or exposed.

I also recommend Eternabond tape, put this around the vents and covers after the Dicor had hardened (48 hours after applied). I would also tape the seams, this is a permanent fix.

  • If you have lead acid battery, make sure to top off the water with distilled water.

  • Adjust the drum brakes with a spoon

  • Treat the seals around your doors, windows and slideout’s (not for swintek gear rack)

  • Clean your awning to remove the mold

  • Lube the window tracks, emergency window mechanisims, door hinges and swintek gear rack

  • Clean and protect the metal surfaces including the frame and tongue, awning arms, and steps to prevent rust

  • Sterilize the fresh water tank and lines with bleach solution

  • Replace the air filter in the AC unit yearly

  • Grease the axles

  • Clean and flush the grey tank

  • Clean and flush the black tank