New York City campground

Looking for where you guys camp for New York City and how we can get access to transportation.

By far the closest RV Park is going to be Liberty Harbor RV Park in Jersey City, NJ. It is literally just a parking lot, so be prepared this is urban camping. Wi-Fi, 50a electric and water no sewer (has dump station). A bit expensive ~$110/night but really close in Jersey City.

If you want to get into New York City, just take the light rail to Exchange Place. Then walk to the PATH (subway) and take it normally to World Trade Center (WTC). You could or depending on maintenance need to take the PATH to 33rd street (Madison Square Garden). You can also take the light rail all the way to Hoboken which 33rd street is a famous area, home to such places as:

How you enter the park is important so I have included a map with direction for anytime of year. This is a hard route because you have to navigate down a fairly small street.

Front entrance available all seasons:

Now here is a hack, you can make a right off Grand Street on to Jersey Ave. This will take you in the back gate, the street is very wide and gives you tons of room to maneuver. The only problem is this gate is only open during the summer season.

Back entrance for the summer:

I have not stayed there but I found this video interesting as a tour to get a feel.